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Questions about Health & Environment, including advertising inquiries, should be sent to Paul Whaley, Editor, at: editor@healthandenvironmentonline.com

What is environmental health?

“Environmental health” has two meanings. It not only refers to the health of the environment, but also to the effect that the environment can have on human health. Health & Environment deals with the latter:

  • How does the environment affect health?
  • What evidence is there for these effects?
  • What are the growing areas of research and emerging issues?

An environmental contaminant is a term we use to refer to a chemical substance (usually man-made) present in air, water, food, soil, dust, or other media encountered in day-to-day life, such as consumer products, which may cause harm to health.

What is Health & Environment?

H&E is a monthly e-publication and blog about environmental health issues and how they affect humans. We provide a general overview of developments and key concepts in environmental health and links to videos, reading lists and key news stories and scientific publications.

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H&E is published by the Cancer Prevention and Education Society.

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