January 2017 News Bulletin: “Stop playing whack-a-mole with chemicals”

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Stop playing whack-a-mole with hazardous chemicals. When new parents see the words “BPA-free” on a baby bottle or sippy cup, they are meant to assume that the product is safe. This may well not be the case — quite to the contrary. In fact, in some cases, hormone-disrupting BPA, or bisphenol-A, has simply been swapped for a similar chemical — BPS, or bisphenol-S — that may well pose even greater dangers to child health. In this way, manufacturers have done an end run around on the much-publicized dangers of BPA without addressing the underlying problem. (Washington Post)

This Pesticide Is Prohibited in Britain. Why Is It Still Being Exported? Paraquat, one of many pesticides that can’t be used in Europe but is sold in the United States and elsewhere, has been linked to Parkinson’s disease in a growing body of research. (New York Times)

EU investigation could put furniture fire rules up in flames. Brussels has launched an investigation into whether Ireland’s furniture fire safety regulations — the strictest in Europe — comply with EU free-market rules, following a complaint by manufacturers. (The Times)

Concern Over EDCs Continues to Grow. In a follow-up interview with MedPage Today, Andrea Gore expressed her hopes for advancements in the field for the coming new year. “I hope that the scientists who are conducting the research on EDCs, and the physicians who are treating increasing numbers of sick patients with chronic diseases, are recognized as the bona fide experts who are called upon to develop and implement policies about chemical safety. The experts guiding regulatory policy need to be free of any connections to the chemical industry to ensure that there are no conflicts of interest.” (MedPage Today)

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