Final edition of Health & Environment

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Thank you for reading!

This is our final edition of Health & Environment! After years of very successfully writing and producing H&E, Paul Whaley is moving on to concentrate full time on his work developing systematic review methods for chemical risk assessment.

In addition to covering news and science each month about chemicals and health, H&E has also included a detailed feature article, all of which are archived here.

These still make valuable and relevant reading covering topical issues such as the pros and cons of adopting different regulatory definitions of “endocrine disruptor”, absence of regulation of food packaging, and the value of the precautionary principle as a driver of innovation.

In addition to his excellent work on H&E, Paul has maintained a very useful archive of news and science which can also be accessed here.

We wish Paul all the very best in his future career and will continue to work with him in our collective effort to reduce human exposure to harmful chemicals.

The Cancer Prevention & Education Society


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  1. I have enjoyed following your posts for several years now. I wish you much success in your work in chemical risk assessment. We need good, analytic, evidence-seeking minds such as yours in this work. We at CHE are grateful for all you have contributed and look forward to hearing of more work from you in the future.

  2. Thank you Paul. Your information has been very helpful and of great interest.

    I hope one day you will examine the particles released from the St Dennis incinerator along with those released from the Imery ‘s clay calciner and determine the health risks to people living nearby in Cornwall.

    Better still come and see for yourself . Look at. Plume Ashley of Gloucester does Plume plots for numerous incinerators.

    Hilda Dent

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