December 2016 News Bulletin: Fire retardants – health hazard or life saver? Plus identifying environmental factors in breast cancer

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December 2016 News Bulletin

Fire retardant chemicals: health hazard or a life saver? Former civil servant and fire regulations expert Terry Edge says it’s time people in the UK were told just what chemicals are in our furniture and given the option to buy non-FR products if we want. (DecoMag) See also: UK to be challenged over furniture fire safety rules (ENDS Report)

Institutes in the Lead: Identifying Environmental Factors in Breast Cancer. In a way, it all started in Long Island, New York. The year was 1993. An apparent cluster of breast cancer cases had been discovered in Nassau and Suffolk counties, and some residents worried that pesticide applications on former farmland could be to blame. They demanded an investigation. The U.S. Congress soon agreed and asked the National Institute of Environmental Health Sciences (NIEHS) and the National Cancer Institute (NCI) to research the potential role of environmental exposures in these cases. In the decades since, these institutes have conducted and funded countless studies on potential environmental risk factors for breast cancer. (EHP)

The paradoxes of investigating potential harms from chemical substances – Professor Åke Bergman, Swetox. Firstly, governments, other research and monitoring bodies have spent enormous amounts of money, hiring professionals to search for environmental contaminants and detect and report on chemicals already known by the manufacturers. Secondly, resources that could have been invested in the safety of chemicals, through toxicological and ecotoxicological testing, have been used to search for unknown chemicals. How long will the EU and national governments accept this? (Chemical Watch)

Let’s stop the manipulation of science.” Around a hundred scientists ask Europe and the international community to act against endocrine disrupting chemicals. They condemn the use of strategies for manufacturing doubt employed by industries in the climate change battle. (Le Monde)

EU court backs disclosure of pesticides information. The Court of Justice has made a ruling in response to two court cases questioning whether pesticides are covered under the Aarhus Convention. (ENDS Report)

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