November 2016 News Bulletin: TSCA brings in new era of US chemical risk management; 40% of UK councils exceed air pollution limits

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November 2016 News Bulletin

TSCA 2.0: A New Era in Chemical Risk Management. Early indicators suggest the new law will more effectively protect people—including vulnerable populations such as children and pregnant women—than the old law it replaces. But stakeholders are watching closely to see if the changes really do live up to their promise. (EHP)

EU drops law to limit cancer-linked chemical in food after industry complaint. Campaigners say leaked documents show ‘undue influence’ by the food industry after plans to limit acrylamide – found in starchy foods such as crisps, cereals and baby foods – are weakened. (The Guardian)

Reducing Developmental Neurotoxin Exposure. Citing an alarming increase in childhood neurodevelopmental disorders such as autism and attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder (ADHD), a group of scientists, health professionals, and children’s health advocates is calling for increased monitoring, assessment, and reduction of neurotoxic chemicals. The Targeting Environmental Neuro-Developmental Risks (TENDR) Consensus Statement, published in July in Environmental Health Perspectives, is “a call to action to reduce exposures to toxic chemicals that can contribute to the prevalence of neurodevelopmental disabilities in America’s children.” (JAMA)

Four in 10 UK councils exceed air pollution limits, figures show. Ministers reveal 169 local authorities breached annual legal limits on nitrogen oxide, linked to lung disease, last year. (The Guardian)

Fragranced products: Risks for people and profits? New research has found that over one-third of Americans report health problems when exposed to common fragranced consumer products, and that fragranced products may affect profits, with more than 20% of respondents entering a business, but leaving as quickly as possible if they smell air fresheners or some fragranced product. (Eurekalert)

New research report on flame retardant chemicals shows Canada’s failure to protect health. A new report by a coalition of Canadian researchers highlights the failure of federal regulations to keep harmful flame retardant chemicals out of homes and consumer products. Toxic by Design, released today by the Endocrine Disruptors Action Group (EDAction), investigates how flaws in Canada’s regulatory approach to toxic flame retardants have far-reaching health effects. (

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