July 2016 Science Bulletin: air pollution increases risk of mental health problems; why PFCs need a precautionary approach

July 13, 2016 at 4:17 pm | Posted in News and Science Bulletins | 1 Comment

July 2016 Science Bulletin

Air pollution, mental illness | Association between neighbourhood air pollution concentrations and dispensed medication for psychiatric disorders in a large longitudinal cohort of Swedish children and adolescents. There may be a link between exposure to air pollution and dispensed medications for certain psychiatric disorders in children and adolescents even at the relatively low levels of air pollution in the study regions.

Precautionary principle, PFCs | The precautionary principle and chemicals management: The example of perfluoroalkyl acids in groundwater. We argue that all PFASs entering groundwater, irrespective of their perfluoroalkyl chain length and bioaccumulation potential, will result in poorly reversible exposures and risks as well as further clean-up costs for society. To protect groundwater resources for future generations, society should consider a precautionary approach to chemicals management and prevent the use and release of highly persistent and mobile chemicals such as PFASs.

Flame retardants, thyroid function | Serum polybrominated diphenyl ether concentrations and thyroid function in young children. Compared with children in the lowest quartile of ∑PBDE exposure, children in higher quartiles had greater TSH concentrations as modeled on the log-scale (second quartile: β=0.32, 95% confidence interval (CI): -0.09, 0.74; third quartile: β=0.44, 95% CI: 0.04, 0.85; and fourth quartile: β=0.49, 95% CI: 0.09, 0.89). There was also a tendency toward lower total T4 and higher free T3 with increasing PBDE exposure. Results suggest that exposure to PBDEs during childhood subclinically disrupts thyroid hormone function, with impacts in the direction of hypothyroidism.

BPA, ADHD | Association of Bisphenol A exposure and Attention-Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder in a national sample of U.S. children. We found evidence that higher urinary BPA concentrations were associated with ADHD in U.S. children; these associations were stronger in boys than in girls. Considering the widespread use of BPA and growing literature on neurobehavioral effects of BPA in children, further study is warranted to determine if reducing exposure to BPA may represent an important avenue for ADHD prevention.

Phthalates, development | Maternal phthalate exposure during early pregnancy and at delivery in relation to gestational age and size at birth: A preliminary analysis. Maternal DEHP metabolite concentrations were significantly higher at delivery compared to the first trimester (p<0.05), suggesting increased DEHP exposure late in pregnancy. A number of phthalate metabolites were associated with birth size and gestational age in patterns that varied by sex and timing of exposure, independent of BPA exposure.

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  1. So why do we not favour the Precautionary Principle.?
    Numerous pollutants invade our air, at the wish of large businesses , who bully our gullible and ill informed Councillors County Councils and other Councils, into accepting things we either know or suspect are risky for us all.

    Furthermore, when areas are already exposed to air, land and water abuse, then the public who live there find in no time at all, more dangerous chimney emissions , more dioxins on to the land and water and greater acidity and poisoning off the water from run off is subject to more and more pollution. This makes for ill health of the inhabitants and poor care of the environment of these areas.

    Where are the people with intelligence and correct information? Where are the scientists and where is FAIR. MINDEDNESS ?

    Suez who run the COrnwall incinerator tell us we will get electricity from their incinerator

    They do not tell us we get air, land and water pollution, ill health, impoverished brains, and we see he wild life negatively affected . We see the kelp forests subjected to acidity and they are being decimated.

    I am 93 yrs old, a Vegan , who relies on kelp, so am disgusted , by the carelessness of those who govern us.

    A close member of my family miscarried her baby , some form of auto immune issue .

    It cost the NHS £70,000 for an course of weekly infusions of Immunoglobulin to give her a healthy baby. I believe the death of the baby in uterio was caused by either fumes , particulates or fly or bottom ash coming from a nearby incinerator or some other emissions..

    It is high time regulations were actually regulated instead of being put on the back burner.

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