May 2016 News Bulletin: Soup-makers drop BPA from cans; French ban on tallowamine/glyphosate formulations.

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May 2016 News Bulletin

Campbell’s soup cans to drop hormone-mimicking chemical. The iconic US soup maker will stop using Bisphenol-A by 2017, after the chemical was found in all 15 of its cans tested in a US survey. The Guardian. (See also coverage in the Daily Telegraph: Does canned food cause cancer? A leading UK cancer charity has written to major food manufacturers asking them to reveal details of their use of the controversial chemical BPA in food cans.)

Benign by design: how chemists aim to end pharmaceutical pollution of the environment. From antibiotics to hormones and pain killers – residue from drugs is found in wastewater, rivers, fish, and even in polar bear fat. But chemists say they may know how to end this environmental pollution. Deutsche Welle.

France to ban some glyphosate weedkillers amid health concerns. France’s health and safety agency is poised to ban weedkillers that combine chemicals glyphosate and tallowamine because of concerns over possible health risks. Reuters.

‘Breakthrough’ hailed in EDCs logjam. Scientific experts, from both sides of the endocrine debate, have agreed a “consensus statement” on identifying endocrine disrupting chemicals (EDCs), which will be passed to the European Commission to support its work compiling regulatory criteria. Chemical Watch.

Firefighters seek new law to ban flame retardants. Amid growing concern that flame retardants are responsible for elevated cancer rates in firefighters, Massachusetts lawmakers are pushing legislation that would go further than any other state’s in banning the use of chemicals meant to slow the spread of fires. Boston Globe.

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