April 2016 News Bulletin: “New teflon”; JAMA on TSCA; fire safety rule rethink.

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April 2016 News Bulletin

How DuPont Concealed the Dangers of the New Teflon Toxin. An account of the apparently bizarre situation whereby US CBI rules relating to new chemicals brought to market obstructs investigation even by government agencies into their occurrence in the environment and the risks they might pose. (The Intercept)

Updating the Toxic Substances Control Act to Protect Human Health. Given the magnitude of human and economic burden associated with these conditions, it might be expected that the passage of bipartisan legislation in both houses of Congress to update the Toxic Substances Control Act (TSCA) for the first time in 40 years would meet with widespread approval by the public health and medical community. This Viewpoint endeavors to explain flaws in both bills that have dampened enthusiasm by medical and public health organizations. (JAMA)

Fire safety ignites rules rethink. (p32) The current fire testing regime does not properly reflect how real furniture behaves in a fire as fabric and fillings are assessed separately. An official familiar with the fire-testing process, says: “quite often we find furniture with a label on it that does not pass. There is an element of fraud.” BIS has therefore opened a consultation in April 2014 on reforming the test procedures. (ENDS Report)

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