May 2015 News Bulletin: Where next for science advice? Changing “the cancer conversation”. Air pollution deaths underestimated.

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May 2015 News Bulletin

Science Advice | Where next for scientific advice in Europe? After the controversy over its chief scientific adviser, the European Commission now has an opportunity to put in place a world-class, open and accountable science advisory system. (Guardian)

Cancer prevention | Change the cancer conversation. The ‘war on cancer’ has run off course. Efforts must refocus on the best interests of patients. (Nature)

Air pollution deaths | Air pollution may cause more UK deaths than previously thought, say scientists. Current figures of almost 30,000 UK deaths a year from air pollution do not factor in lethal nitrogen dioxide from diesel engines, wood, oil and coal burning. (Guardian)

Air pollution levels | UK ordered to clean up NO2 pollution immediately. The UK’s current plan, which allows illegal levels of pollution to persist for more than 20 years after the original deadline, must be scrapped in favour of a more effective strategy by end 2015. (Chemistry World)

Waterway pollution levels | Pesticides are polluting our waters — and we often don’t know it. Of 11,300 waterway pollution measurements, 52 percent breached U.S. or E.U. limits, the researchers found. These breaches occurred in countries with both poorly- and well-established regulatory systems. (Washington Post) Click here for study.

Environmental burden of disease | Making It Real—The Environmental Burden of Disease. What Does It Take to Make People Pay Attention to the Environment and Health? The health impact of exposure to environmental chemicals can be an elusive and difficult concept to grasp. We lack complete data and understanding on the extent to which the industrial chemicals present in our everyday lives—in our food, water, air, and the products we use every day—impact our health. Four articles published in this issue of the JCEM begin to shed light on the price we are paying. (JCEM)

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