EPA slow on toxic chemicals; puberty starting earlier; regulatory risk assessments of BPA // Feb 2015 recent news highlights

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Recent news highlights (Jan 2015)

Age of onset of puberty | Puberty Comes Earlier and Earlier for Girls. At the turn of the 20th century, the average age for an American girl to get her period was 16 to 17. Today, it is less than 13, according to national data. The trend has been attributed to the epidemic of overweight children and a greater exposure to pollution. (Newsweek)

Chemical regulation | EPA Still Slow to Study Toxic Chemicals, Despite Obama Pledge. An investigation by the Government Accountability Office found that during the Bush administration the White House was delaying the EPA’s efforts to assess whether chemicals posed a public health risk. The agency said it needed to complete 50 assessments a year to do its job properly. Instead, it averaged five a year. The Obama administration promised to fix this. But in the past three years, it has completed fewer assessments of chemicals than at any time in the EPA’s history. (TIME)

New regulatory risk assessments of BPA | FDA Clears BPA In Cans, Again. The federal Food and Drug Administration has quietly reaffirmed its position that Americans are not being harmed by bisphenol A, a synthetic estrogen that is an essential ingredient of the epoxy coating that lines the insides of most food cans made in the U.S. (EWG Blog) BPA plastics chemical poses no health risk, says European watchdog. The chemical bisphenol A, used to stiffen some plastic food containers, poses no health risk to consumers of any age, including unborn children, at current levels of exposure, Europe’s food safety watchdog has said (Reuters).

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