IARC chief on cancer prevention; paper as BPA substitute; problems with informal pesticide use // Recent news highlights (June 2014)

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June 2014 chemicals and
health news highlights

Prevention: Air of danger. The problem with prevention efforts is they usually focus on lifestyle changes for which the individual is responsible, such as stopping smoking and eating well, rather than regulatory changes that would place the responsibility on companies or governments to protect people from exposure to carcinogens, says IARC Director Christopher Wild. (Nature)

BPA substitute made from paper industry leftovers. In response to the controversy surrounding bisphenol A (BPA), chemists in the US have synthesised a safer, green alternative based on lignin – the structural component of plant cell walls that is generated as a by-product during papermaking. Their compound has similar mechanical properties to BPA, without showing endocrine disrupting effects. (ChemistryWorld)

The Toxic Brew in Our Yards. In much of the country, it’s time to go outside, clean up the ravages of winter and start planting. Many of us will be using chemicals like glyphosate, carbaryl, malathion and 2,4-D. But they can end up in drinking water, and in some cases these compounds or their breakdown products are linked to an increased risk for cancer and hormonal disruption. (New York Times)

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