You know about our library of interesting things, right?

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H&E has an extensive library which you can keep abreast of using RSS

H&E has an extensive library which you can keep abreast of using RSS

Obviously, at H&E we track the latest news and science to find (we hope!) interesting and relevant things to write about.

What we are doing which others aren’t, however, is making much of what we think worth seeing publicly available. You can follow this through RSS (that’s how we generate the H&E news feed over there on the right of this post).

The feeds and categories of information are below. Depending on the volume of information relating to a topic at any given time, some feeds are more regularly updated than others.

We add around 10-15 new things to our archive every week. It’s not exhuastive but if you want an overview of what the media is talking about, and links to some of the latest key research papers, then you’re probably in the right place.

Or you can head straight over to, where you can access the full library. If you’re not familiar with it, the BBC has a good guide to using RSS (basically, it’s a way to find out what’s new on a website without having to visit it).

Environmental Health

Green Healthcare



Regulation and Laws

Types of Information

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